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Therapeutic Photography

Therapeutic photography is a method in which photography is embraced as a tool for mindfulness, meditation, gaining insight, self-discovery, transformation and/or healing.  The process of making photographs serves as therapy, with or without a mental health therapist involved.  Therapeutic photography programs involve creating photographs and talking about them.


Therapeutic photography helps individuals explore photography as a vehicle for seeing and connecting with the world around them, and with themselves. 


To learn more about Therapeutic Photography, or Photography as Therapy please view this post on the Robyn Graham Photography, LLC blog.  



At the end of the day, if I can believe I have helped someone feel, even a glimmer of hope, peace, and joy within themselves I will feel successful and happy.  At Robyn Graham Photography, LLC we call our therapeutic photography program “FHAPP” ~ Finding Hope and Peace through Photography.   We support all individuals in the program by giving them a kind, gentle, positive environment to learn photography, to share their photography and work towards a sense of inner peace through their own creative intentions and feed back from peers in the program, and others.  The studio space offers a beautiful, peaceful, inspiring environment for learning, creating and sharing.   The studio is also a space for exhibits, through which program participants will be able to share their work with their family and friends and with the general public.  


Participation Details    

The cost for individual/private participation is $600 for 8 1 to 1.5 hour sessions or pay as you go or $75/hour. 

The cost of group participation is $360 for 8 1.5-hour sessions.  Space is limited to 6 participants.  

Group programs are open for ages 12 years to adult.  

Individual/private sessions are available for younger children, teens and adults.

Sessions begin the week of October 18, 2016.  Session times are as follows:

Monday 1pm

Monday 3:30pm

Wednesday 11am

Wednesday 3:30pm

Additional times available upon request for individual or private sessions.  


SLR cameras are recommended and preferred, but if not an option, point and shoot and phone cameras will be acceptable. 



To register, please contact Robyn by sending a message through the Contact Page. 



Robyn’s original degree was a doctorate in pharmacy through which she studied mental health. In addition, she is well read in the are of anxiety which she has had first hand experience with one of her children who suffered from moderate to severe anxiety.  In addition, Robyn was adjunct faculty at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, has taught CCD, and multiple teen and adult photography classes.  Robyn has all clearances through the state of Pennsylvania to work with ,and teach children.