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We are living in a visual and digital age where your profile picture is often the first impression.  Professional head shots show your potential clients or employers that you care about appearance and quality and help you get noticed over your peers or competitors.  A professional head shot will help your audience connect with you when viewing your website or social media platforms.  Professional head shots are absolutely necessary for anyone trying to grow a business or service and for anyone in search of employment

File size specifications for all digital files must be made known to Robyn Graham Photography, LLC prior to order placement.

Due to file size, head shot files are delivered through Dropbox.  

Prints of headshots are available in custom and traditional sizes and most print mediums. 

Please note that on-location fees may apply if the distance to the on-location shoot is greater than 15 miles from Doylestown.  

Blemish Removal: temporary blemishes such as pimples will be removed automatically.  Permanent blemishes such as wrinkles or moles will not be removed unless requested.  Depending on the extent of the request, additional charges may apply.  Please note that Robyn Graham Photography, LLC recommends that blemish removal be minimal as permanent blemishes are part of who we are and those who see us without them in a photograph will be rather surprised when they meet us in person.  

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Model Application Head Shots

Model Application Head ShotModel Application Head Shot