Robyn Graham Photography, LLC | Photo Shoot Recommendations


Recommendations for the Day of your Photo Shoot

Get plenty of rest the night before
Mid-tones are nice.  Avoid bright, bold colors and crazy patterns. Avoid logos on your clothing – they can be a distraction.  Simple is best.  We want the focus to be on you.
Remember that a v-neck lengthens the neck and a round neckline shortens it.  A nice choice, although not for everyone, is a v-neck, button down with a few buttons opened.  It is best to avoid turtlenecks as they hide the neck completely.
Lenses can cause glare or reflect the flash.  If you have glasses to wear without the lenses this is the best option.  Or, wear contact lenses for the photo shoot if possible.
Be comfortable
Wear something that makes you feel great, comfortable, and relaxed.
Jeans vs. Pants
Base your decision on how you are going to use the final prints.  Bringing multiple outfits is always an option.
Limit jewelry.  Keep it simple so that the focus is on you.
Bring them and we’ll shoot some images with and some images without. 
Be Natural
You do not need additional or heavy make-up.  Keep yourself looking natural.  Natural, unusual features make others notice you, don’t try to hide them.  For life’s little imperfections feel free to use make-up, but know that the final image can be retouched if desired.  
Please arrive at the location of the shoot approximately 15 minutes early to ensure enough time to make any necessary adjustments in clothing, hair or makeup.  If children are involved, please bring water and a snack that can be eaten neatly to keep them happy.
Relax      Smile      Enjoy
Professional Stylist
Should you wish to work with a professional stylist, Molly Rosenquist, a successful and published stylist is available for consultation prior to, or the day of, the shoot. There is an additional fee for this service, but if you are feeling uncertain about your portrait attire, Molly is here to help you and will ease your mind, while ensuring you look terrific for the shoot.